Monitoring and Verification (M & V)

Monitoring and Verification (M & V)

Make the invisible clear & logical

Businesses that embrace ‘the cloud’ are preparing themselves for the future in the same way their predecessors
invested in computer technology. Leveraging cloud-based services with the right partners can instantly add profit through cost savings and increased revenue opportunities without straining existing resources.

Our tailored projects are targeted improvement of the bottom line through utility cost savings. 
Intelligently streamlining operations, using real-time data, is the Rethink Electricity strength. 

By comparison to non-cloud solutions, this project will save the cost of buying new servers, increasing license capacities and paying more in staff training costs. ‘The cloud’ is proven to condense capital expenditures into manageable op-ex and can even enable current resources to be more available and better leveraged.

Our web based interactive portals are engineered by our dedicated experienced team. 
We are specialist visual data engineers. 
We understand and leverage big data and wireless technology as well as the big players and we achieve better results by deploying these technologies more intelligently and more effectively.

Previously your business had no method of measuring and identifying energy usage behavior patterns.
This is the first step to understanding what is happening on site at any given time. Giving visibility, benchmarking and load profiling.

Once your business has the data, it will then be able to make changes accordingly.

We achieve this by connecting a wireless mesh, linked in to the meters, communicating through our 3G network, into a predictive cloud based dashboard. This enables both us and yourselves to measure and evaluate your usage in real time continually,change behavior and save between 5% and 10% without further costs, and identifying further down stream energy efficiency saving solutions.

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