Energy Efficiency

We are a unique energy integrator that provides proven solutions. We carefully review and assess both inductive and resistive load on site, and assess your usage related to your power consumption. We have a large global team in place that helps us to reduce base load power and implement the correct applications with the best return on investment.

With the increases in demand for power and rising costs we find that our clients are always asking why and what they can do to reduce consumption. With the lack of education and easy-to-understand information available, our ReThink Electricity model provides the perfect solution to evaluate your unique requirements. We can design a comprehensive energy efficiency solution that meets your needs and provides energy, financial and maintenance savings.

Our Integrated Solution includes power generation to address both Voltage and Amperage in a facility. Our energy efficiency solution provides economic and environmental benefits that are quantifiable and can reduce electricity costs by 10% - 40% on average. We consistently achieve payback periods between 18 and 60 months.

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